Home Built by MCC Students Installed in North Omaha

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From KETV Omaha

A new type of home could be coming to your neighborhood.

The build took place on the Metro Community College Campus as an effort to bring education and community together.

The project, called Bridge Network, was started by students and ends with a big benefit to the community.

Friday’s location was a home in north Omaha.

Each section was pieced together carefully by construction crews, but not built by them.

“These kids are going by and saying, ‘I did that, I placed that board on that unit,’” BCDM Architects President Jim Dennell said.

The MCC construction students spearheaded the project.

“We did the wiring for all this,” MCC graduate Charles Pittman said.

Pittman has been a carpenter for 45 years but hasn’t seen anything quite like this.

“To watch this come from a slab on the inside of the lab, blue chalk lines on the ground, to this– it’s amazing,” Pittman said.

Pittman was one of the 60 plus students to construct the 16,000 square foot home on MCC’s campus. The kind of work that didn’t usually make it out into the neighborhood.

“They would have a demolition class and dismantle them and they’d end up in a landfill,” Dennell said.

Dennell designed a three-module home that could be transported and used.

Each piece slides together like a puzzle creating one home, with many more to come.

“We hope to gain value within the neighborhood and from that, the whole neighborhood will be able to redevelop and be a great community,” Dennell said.

Students will be back at the home at a later date to finish the trim and build the garage. The house should be ready to put on the market this fall.

To view full article and video: https://www.ketv.com/article/home-built-by-mcc-students-installed-in-north-omaha/22576167

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