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A not-for-profit organization founded in 2016, the OSE is committed to identifying critical workforce skills, aligning curriculum content with careers of the future and providing access to high-quality STEM education programs for all community members in the Greater Omaha area.

We seek to:

      • Build strong infrastructure & capacity to support mission impact
      • Advocate for programs & innovative models
      • Engage community through communication, collaboration and connections
      • Expand evidence-driven research, assessment & outcomes
      • Grow community business development, recruitment & retention

Strategic Plan

Annual Reports


The committees are the action working groups that move the goals of the strategic plan forward. The committees have representatives from each of the six sectors we serve. Integrating the six sectors into each of the committees, we created a forum of collaboration around solutions for STEM issues.

Identifying the Problem: Omaha is experiencing a shortfall of STEM professionals similar to what the nation is also experiencing. 

Taking Action: We are connecting STEM programs to facilitate efficient and effective career pathways, that grow the number of local STEM professionals and create balance between industry demand and available talent. 

Omaha STEM Ecosystem Organization Chart

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The Omaha STEM Ecosystem is committed to Diversity, Equity, Access, and Inclusion. We respect the lived experiences of all individuals and encourage multiple perspectives in fostering a community dedicated to providing comprehensive resources, unwavering support, and abundant opportunities. To foster a vibrant STEM community, our goal is to ensure that every individual can be inspired and thrive in both academic endeavors and professional pathways.