Executive Committee

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  Chair      Levi Thiele, Ph.D                    AIM Institute

        Vice Chair        Karlus Cozart                        C3K1 Consulting, LLC

        Secretary        Tracie Reding, Ed.D                University of NE at Omaha

        Treasurer        Elizabeth Mulkerrin, Ed.D       Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium



The Executive Committee serves as the governing board within the Omaha STEM Ecosystem’s organizational structure, providing on-going support, guidance and oversight of the STEM ecosystem. Committee members represent all sectors of our community and serve a three-year term. In addition, each Executive Committee member serves as an advisor on the Action Committees.


  • Support organizational goals of OSE as defined in the strategic plan
  • Help to facilitate and champion OSE initiatives
  • Determine self-assessment process that the committee will use to develop action plan
  • Serve as an advisor with action committees and involved in assessment progress of initiative


Megan Addison                      Collective for Youth

Jim Collison                            Gallup

Michael Flesch                        Metropolitan Community College

Neal Grandgenett                   University of NE at Omaha

Jeff Sebree                             Union Pacific Railroad

Julie Sigmon                           Omaha STEM Ecosystem

Laurie Zagurski                       Omaha Public Power District