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Jenna Yentes, Ph.D
Assistant Professor – University of NE at Omaha, Biomechanics Research Building


STEM programs are not always evaluated to determine effectiveness and/or impact on the community. Many tools and rubrics exist for evaluation; however,they may be costly or require specific training to use the tool.  Further, these tools are specific to certain types of programs and/or environments, in which the program is hosted (i.e. after-school vs school day). Besides evaluation of programs, there is a need to determine the status of STEM in the Omaha-area. By determining the current workforce shortage of STEM professionals in Omaha, the impact of the STEM Ecosystem can be documented.


The Research and Evaluation Committee developed a self-evaluation tool, based on best practices, to identify quality STEM programs in the Greater Omaha metropolitan area. Based on the results, programs can create priorities for improvement and/or identify areas of excellence. Future work of this committee is performing research to evaluate the status of the STEM environment, the effectiveness, and impact of the Omaha STEM Ecosystem.



Jenna Yentes                                     University of NE at Omaha

Steering Committee Advisers:

Chris Schaben                                    Omaha Public Schools


Mike Baldino                                      Baldino Enterprises, Inc.

Louise Breathnach                             Peter Kiewit Company

Shannon DeVivo                                 Olsson Associates

Rosemary Edzie                                 NU Foundation

Sharon Genoways                               Marian High School

Anne Karabon                                    UNO-Early Childhood

Therese Nelson                                  Bennington Schools

Emily Mwaja                                      Girls, Inc.

Dana Richter-Egger                            University of NE at Omaha

Ken Sigmon                                       Sheppard’s Business Interiors

Amy Sokall                                         Elkhorn Public Schools