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Expand evidence-driven research & assessments that lead to one common research outcome to measure impact of the Omaha STEM Ecosystem in the Greater Omaha area, and grow community development, recruitment and retention.


  • Build a data depository that users can access and upload data
  • Develop common metrics and data collection specific for each sector to be publishes and distributed
  • Identify research questions for each sector that leads to one common rresearch outcome to measure impact

Our Work


Jenna Yentes                                     University of NE at Omaha


Mike Baldino                                      Baldino Enterprises, Inc.

Shannon DeVivo                                Olsson

Anne Karabon                                    UNO-Early Childhood

Emily Mwaja                                      Girls, Inc.

Amanda McGill Johnson                 NE Coalition for Lifesaving Cures

Dana Richter-Egger                          University of NE at Omaha

Chris Schaben                                  Omaha Public Schools

Ken Sigmon                                       Sheppard’s Business Interiors, Inc.

Amy Sokall                                        UNL/Doctoral Student