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Expand evidence-driven research & assessments that lead to one common research outcome to measure impact of the Omaha STEM Ecosystem in the Greater Omaha area, and grow community development, recruitment and retention.


  • Develop a resource bank of STEM related reports and key studies around STEM education to workforce
  • Review metric for “Theory of Success” and impact of OSE with the community
  • Advocate for student-based research

Our Work


Stan Odenthal                                 Heartland Workforce Solutions

Vice Chair: 

Jodie Meyer                                     Ne Department of Labor/Economics


Ayanna Boykins                                 Omaha Public Schools

Kate Cooper                                     UNO – IS&T

Shannon DeVivo                                Olsson

Ciara Issaoui                                     UNICH

Gerald Kuhn                                     City of Omaha

Amanda McGill Johnson                    NE Coalition for Lifesaving Cures

Dana Richter-Egger                            UNO Math Science Center

Ken Sigmon                                      Sheppard’s Business Interiors, Inc.