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As we navigate the challenges and opportunities in this new COVID-19 culture, we draw on the knowledge of our diverse network of thought leaders and experts to understand the implications to our work, education, and future workforce. This series of virtual roundtable discussions, allows us to share our experiences and lessons learned, as  well as share ideas that can give voice to building  a stronger community.

June 23, 2020

CELEBRATING CREATIVITY IN A COVID-19 CULTURE: Navigating What’s Next: Now, Near and Far 

The first in a series of three roundtables, identified key areas of impact: What are you doing new and transformative today in your organization due to COVID-19; How will this potentially impact the work you do in the STEM sector; Where have you felt most success or improvements in this forced innovation; and Where do you want to dive deeper or explore more with others.

To watch the recorded session:


The second roundtable in the series will take the themes of today’s conversation around  innovation, and structural changes in a deeper dive of specific topics.  Hope you will join us for the September 23rd conversation.