Omaha best city in U.S. for college grads to start careers, study finds

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From the Omaha World Herald

Omahans have that humble Midwestern “aw shucks” mentality, which might not work to their advantage when recruiting young professionals.

An analysis this year by ZipRecruiter and reported by the St. Louis Business Journal gave Omahans something to boast about, if only they would. The analysis called Omaha the best city in the nation this year for college graduates to start their careers.

The study looked at such things as unemployment rate, average commute time, median salary for recent graduates and median rent.

ZipRecruiter referred to Omaha’s “charming turn of the century downtown district” and its “rocking music scene.” It described the city as providing “the rare balance of affordability, high job opportunity and a great quality of life.”

Midwest and Rocky Mountain cities did well. Minneapolis-St. Paul came in second; St. Louis, third; Milwaukee, fifth (behind Pittsburgh); Kansas City, Missouri, sixth; Boise , Idaho, eighth; Denver, ninth; and Cincinnati, 10th.

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