Cybersecurity Professionals Wanted: Experts weigh in on closing the skills gap

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At WorkingNation’s fourth Town Hall event, experts provided their insight on how to increase the number of cybersecurity professionals in the IT workforce.

By: Matt Parke, WorkingNation

Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing sectors in information technology and the demand for cybersecurity professionals is outpacing the supply entering the workforce.

What are the training solutions for the thousands of open cybersecurity jobs which go unfilled each year in this burgeoning industry? WorkingNation gathered experts representing the academic, corporate and nonprofit sectors for an upcoming hour-long TV special, Cracking the Code: A WorkingNation Town Hall on Bridging the Cybersecurity Skills Gap, to discuss the best practices for developing this valuable labor force.

WorkingNation presents seven segments taken from the Town Hall broadcast. They feature expert analysis of the problems employers face in securing their tech infrastructure and protecting data from malicious harm. We learn about the difficulties employers they have in hiring and retaining cybersecurity workers, what employers are doing to close the skills gap and the impact of education in reaching diverse talent pools.

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