February 2022 Newsletter: Leveraging Education and Business to Close the Talent Gap

February 2022 Newsletter  Leveraging Education and Business to Close the Talent Gap     Summer’s Coming, Are you Ready?   Summer is quickly approaching which means its time to get ready for summer camps and internships. Summer programs and internships are vital educational tools to engage students in STEM learning….

Cybersecurity Professionals Wanted: Experts weigh in on closing the skills gap

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At WorkingNation’s fourth Town Hall event, experts provided their insight on how to increase the number of cybersecurity professionals in the IT workforce. By: Matt Parke, WorkingNation Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing sectors in information technology and the demand for cybersecurity professionals is outpacing the supply entering the workforce….

A Deeper Dive into Key Readings on the Future of Work

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STEMconnector released the State of STEM report in May of this year, and we continue to use the framework and research to drive knowledge and action for our networks. We are pleased to share a series of blog posts diving more deeply into the resources found in the call-out boxes included throughout the report….

Combatting Bias and Steering Girls Towards Careers in STEM

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Photo: LinkedIn  By: Laura Barrowman, CTO at Credit Suisse Ever since primary school, I have loved mathematics. There’s something about mental arithmetic and the satisfaction of finding a solution to a problem that captured — and has kept — my interest for decades. Augment that early passion with the good…

WATCH: Videos From the 2018 STEM Solutions Workforce of Tomorrow Conference

Missed the conference? Catch up with the videos of the opening keynote speeches. BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT leaders, scientists, technology experts, nonprofit executives and educators convened in Washington, D.C., April 4-6 to discuss the challenges of retaining and retraining workers and preparing students for the so-called new collar economy. Most of that…

Carnegie Mellon Offers New Artificial Intelligence Major

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  By Associated Press PITTSBURGH — Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh will offer the nation’s first undergraduate degree program in artificial intelligence. Officials with the school announced Thursday the new major will be available to students enrolled in the School of Computer Science starting in the fall. Many American universities…

Career Readiness is a Concern for Parents and Employers

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By; Matt Parke A nationwide listening tour by the Committee for Economic Development revealed that parents and employers have the same concerns about how children are being prepared for the future of work. The United States labor market is running at full steam, so much so that a record 6.6 million…

This Mission-Driven Business Helps Millions Of Students Learn STEM Skills

Image: Project Lead the Way CEO, Vince Bertram By: Devin Thorpe, Contributor Vince Bertram, 50, CEO of Project Lead the Way, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides STEM education, curriculum and training to schools, districts and teachers for millions of students across the country, says operating as a mission-driven business is key…

For early participants of Girls Who Code, the program’s impact is indelible

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By: Chloe Kim, edscoop Four women who took a summer course in 2014 describe how it grew their interest in STEM and computer science well beyond high school. For most of Fiona Liang’s high school career, computer science was not on her radar. She’d maybe heard it mentioned a few…

Should the United States Assemble a Department of Cyber Security?

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The United States needs a Department of Cybersecurity -Ted Schlein: Tech Crunch Contributor This week more than 40,000 security professionals will attend RSA in San Francisco to see the latest cyber technologies on display and discuss key issues. No topic will be higher on the agenda than the Russian-sponsored hack of…