September 2022 Newsletter: Fueling Brighter Futures in STEM

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September 2022 Newsletter

Fueling Brighter Futures in STEM

Welcome to Fall!

The STEM Community Platform’s role is to connect education to workforce development. We are committed to continuously innovating and improving this site to assure we reflect the needs of our community. Don’t forget to keep checking back throughout the month for updates to the career exploration pages.

Volunteer Spotlight

This month’s volunteer spotlight is ThriVinci. Mitch Cunningham and Victoria Graeve-Cunningham with ThriVinci have been a large asset to the OSE. They are continuously helping us with our organizational effectiveness and we are so grateful to have them working with us.

“ThriVinci’s mission is to empower communities and organizations through collaboration and the opportunity to work with the Omaha STEM Ecosystem aligns perfectly making it a joy and pleasure to partner” -Mitch Cunningham

Tell Us Your Story

Thank you for your continued support on the STEM Community Platform (SCP)! The platform has been active for a year and a half now and we would love to hear from you about your experience with it. Would you mind clicking the following link and tell us your STEM story about your experience on the SCP? Your stories help us to continue to provide access to educational resources for our community. Our work depends on your support and we want to hear from you about how the platform is benefiting you. 

Join our efforts to ensure STEM excellence and innovation. Your time, talent and treasure will help move our work forward as we transform Omaha into a robust STEM community where our talent pipeline can grow.

From all of us at the Omaha STEM Ecosystem, thank you for your continued support in making STEM Learning and STEM careers a priority in the Omaha area!

Julie Sigmon, Director of the Omaha STEM Ecosystem

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