May 2021 Newsletter: Celebrating Five Years of Building a Stronger STEM Community

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The Omaha STEM Ecosystem was launched in 2016 to address the overwhelming shortfall of current and future STEM professionals in Omaha and across Nebraska.
As we celebrate our 5th Anniversary in June, we remain committed to:

  • Building a strong infrastructure and capacity to support mission impact.
  • Advocating for programs and innovative models.
  • Expanding evidence-driven research, assessments and outcomes.
  • Engaging community through communication, collaboration and connection.
  • Diversifying funding to assure financial sustainability.
  • Growing community development, recruitment and retention.

Join Our Virtual Roundtable Series

Emerging from a year of disruption and uncertainty, we are optimistic and impressed by the collective efforts cultivating positive change in education and business. Please join us
May 25, Aug. 26 and Oct. 28 at 8:30 a.m. CST to share experiences that will shape our vision and influence the future of STEM. Click here to register.

Help Create a Robust STEM Community with the STEM Community Platform

Do you have an upcoming event or resource to share with the community?
Create an account on our new STEM Community Platform,, to share the information with students, parents and educators. This is a one-stop-shop for STEM resources and career exploration.

Facebook Community Action Grant
We are delighted to announce the Omaha STEM Ecosystem has received Facebook Community Action Grant funds that will help us develop the STEM Community Platform for years to come, so students can build the critical skills they need for high-demand careers of the future. The grant funding also will help us reach underserved students throughout the community. Learn more by watching our new video.

While we’ve come a long way, there is still more work to be done. Please consider joining this community partnership by making a donation or becoming a sponsor.

Join Our Team!
Would you or someone you know be interested in joining our team and working more with the STEM Community Platform? The Omaha STEM Ecosystem looks to hire a full-time Marketing Communications Coordinator. Check out our job posting!

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