February 2021 Newsletter: Building a New Chapter in 2021

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February 2021 Newsletter

As we begin a new chapter in 2021, we are in awe of the power science, technology, engineering and mathematics have had in the ever-changing landscape of education and business. This year, the Omaha STEM Ecosystem will celebrate its 5-Year Anniversary, and we hope to expand the rich landscape of resources which set the stage to build a strong infrastructure that engages community partners and advocates for innovative programs that assure equity and access for all students and families.

Launch of Free STEM Community Platform

In March, be on the lookout for our new online STEM Community Platform, in partnership with AIM Institute. The free Platform will increase access to STEM resources throughout the community. Contact us for information on uploading your resources and programs to the Platform. I want to thank our wide range of stakeholders for making this project possible. If you’d like to help support this new STEM Community Platform or our other community efforts, please consider making a donation.


Annual Survey Informs Our Collective Efforts to Build a STEM Workforce

Through the power of connection, collaborations and communication, we can understand the core talent needs and actionable framework that informs our collective efforts to build the community’s STEM workforce. To date, the Omaha STEM Ecosystem has 920 stakeholders, and we need your continued voice and assistance to continue this level of inclusiveness. Our annual survey will give us a clear understanding of who is connected to the OSE and whom we need to reach out to in the near future. We would greatly appreciate you taking a moment to complete the survey by Feb. 12.

Annual Survey

We look to the future and envision Omaha as a robust center of STEM excellence and innovation. Together, we can build sustainability that increases our impact to grow community development, recruitment and retention.


Julie Sigmon


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