Backers Hope Omaha’s New Riverfront Science Museum Will Inspire Future Scientists and Engineers

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Omaha World-Herald: A new jewel is coming to Omaha’s riverfront.

Ground will be broken this fall for a privately funded $101 million science museum that backers hope will rank among the nation’s best.

Architects’ renderings of the new science center show a sizable glassy structure on city parkland at Lewis & Clark Landing, with views of downtown, the Missouri River and the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge.

The community leaders behind the project hope the new science center will become a family-friendly and fun entertainment destination when it opens in 2023 — filling a longtime void in the city’s cultural amenities. But more than that, they hope it will inspire children’s interest in science, math, engineering and technology, helping to fill a critical need for workers in those STEM fields.

“We believe this innovative community space will have a powerful and lasting influence on fueling our city’s workforce development,” said Bruce Grewcock, chairman of Omaha’s Kiewit construction company.

The new STEM-Inspired Science Center that is planned for The RiverFront at Lewis & Clark landing.

Grewcock led planning for the project on behalf of Heritage Services, the influential Omaha philanthropy organization that has been behind numerous major civic projects in Omaha over the past three decades. Heritage is tapping donors to raise all of the money for the science center.

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  1. DUDLEY ALLEN says:

    This museum will be a superb enhancement to Omaha and the region when completed. The ability for visitors to experience hands-on activities will be paramount to the success of this attraction. I want to suggest an enhancement that will cost very little if included in early plans and construction. Please provide at least one 4 inch duct from each guest space per outside wall for the purpose of routing guest demonstration cable out of the building to grassy areas and parking lot areas.
    Temporary exhibits such as Amateur Radio Demonstrations need such access to effectively erect antennas outside and route coax inside for guests to participate in the demonstration. For example, members of the Omaha and regional amateur radio clubs often provide youth outreach for such things as Amateur Radio Field Day, two annual Kids Day on the Air, Scouting Jamboree on the Air, Museum Ship on the Air, Veterans Day, etc… To effectively use the radio spectrum we need to use large antennas that we erect and connect to radios. The general public is welcome to participate in these events as a promotion of Amateur Radio and STEM in general. All aspects of STEM are represented within the Amateur Radio Hobby.
    Help us promote STEM by providing some simple paths to route cable through walls. Please contact me if you have questions.

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