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The event aims to get young people interested in aviation.

When you combine pancakes and airplanes, it’s easy to capture a a kid’s attention.

“We get them into a plane, show them how it works, get them up in the air. If they feel comfortable we let them take the controls,” Josh Tocko, with the Experimental Aircraft Association, said.

The EEA was among the groups involved with the Aviation STEM Fair at the Millard Airport Saturday.

“Getting kids, that next generation airline pilot or cargo pilot, interested in aviation. That’s the goal,” Tocko said.

Jim Tylski brought his three grandchildren to the event.

“I want to give them a better sense of what aviation is like. See other planes and some of the vintage models they have out here,” Tylski said.

Tylski’s 8-year-old grandson, Ike Kucera, hopes to be a U.S. Navy pilot someday.

“I just like the wings and different body styles and how they fly,” Kucera said.

Aviation Nation is another group that focuses on young people. It’s been working with them to build a plane for the past year. It’ll eventually take flight.

“At first I just thought I was building a plane, but I really got a lot more exposure because I got to build with professionals. I made connections,” Caleb Bates said.

Bates now plans to attend the University of Nebraska Omaha to become a drone pilot.

Those at the Aviation STEM Fair, hope others will be inspired just like him.

To view video: http://www.ketv.com/article/aviation-stem-fair/21247484

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