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Photo: AIM Institute

The Omaha STEM Ecosystem took part in a round-table panel of local leaders in education, business, and non-profit. These leaders were joined by Congressman Don Bacon to discuss efforts in encouraging young students to pursue careers in tech.

Everyone agreed that there’s a shortage of talent in that sector, as well as a lack of access to resources and to what’s available.

To assure access to quality STEM programs and opportunities in the Greater Omaha area, Omaha STEM Ecosystem is developing an online portal. The portal will provide a way for parents, students and educators of all ages to have informal STEM education opportunities that match their interest and educational needs.

As the panel discussion progressed, diversity became the central topic. The panelists concluded that in order for students to imagine themselves in these kinds of jobs, they need to envision someone who looks like them working in those types of careers.

They made a point that the community needs to come together to support and promote diversity so that students have someone to look up to.

You can read more on this event here:

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