Omaha STEM Ecosystem Focus Group Meeting

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On April 6th, a group of dedicated stakeholders gathered on the Gallup Campus to help refine the design principles and features of the STEM Ecosystem that will be a road map to ensure a strong and robust organizational structure.  These design principles are non-negotiables, the set of beliefs that have become the platform from which to catalyze innovation and implement the vision.



The Omaha STEM Ecosystem envisions a community where all young people, especially those underrepresented in STEM industries, will have the opportunities needed to be successful in learning, scientific thinking, examining potential career paths and exploring opportunities to extend their educational achievements.

The focus group, over 30 participants from diverse sectors, has been invaluable in the early development of the STEM Ecosystem including participation in the asset survey, giving a snapshot of our STEM landscape in Omaha, providing feedback as aspirations were discussed, as well as identifying the barriers that exits and how to overcome those barriers. From this valuable feedback, the mission of the STEM Ecosystem was developed.


The Omaha STEM Ecosystem encompasses a rich array of STEM learning opportunities that ensure our community is meeting future requisite skills, processes, and thinking necessary to be successful in STEM professions.


Next steps:

  • The Steering Committee will develop a strategic plan and priorities utilizing the information gathered from the Focus Group.
  • May 11th meeting is an opportunity for community stakeholders to review the strategic plan and identify goals and action groups that align with their interest

OPS/TAC Building Cafeteria, 2:00 – 4:00 – More information to follow!

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