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OSE Strategic Plan 2020-2023

The Omaha STEM Ecosystem (OSE) stakeholders and staff met in five virtual sessions
as a team to co-create and build an innovative strategic plan. This included updating
the mission and vision for the organization, setting the practical vision for the future,
determining the strategic direction and annual strategic goals, and creating a year-one
implementation plan.

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OSE Research Committee White Paper

The Role of the Research and Advocacy Committee is to Expand evidence-driven research & assessments that lead to one common research outcome to measure impact of the Omaha STEM Ecosystem in the Greater Omaha area, and grow community development, recruitment and retention. Read more to find the Research and Advocacy Committee’s Current Status and Future Directions…

OSE Self Assessment Tool

The Omaha STEM Ecosystem Best Practices Program Assessment Tool is designed to evaluate the infrastructure, goals, programming, and STEM practices that programs should have in place to be considered a quality STEM program. This tool is for STEM programs of any size and serving any demographic. Evaluation is focused…