Emotional Intelligence Workshop for Nebraska Women in STEM

Join us for a workshop to improve your leadership effectiveness by understanding your levels of emotional and social functioning.

About this Event
Part 1: Understanding Emotional Intelligence:

Neuroscience and EQ: Our brains are hard-wired to give emotions the upper hand
How does EQ apply to decision-making?
Address Limiting Beliefs
Wisemind: The ability to understand each state of mind and to make decisions from there.
Being Responsive vs. Being Reactive
How does Emotional Intelligence (EQ) differ from Cognitive Intelligence (IQ) and personality?

Part 2: Understanding Your EQ-i 2.0 Results

Understanding your report and interpreting your scores for the EQ-i (Emotional Quotient Inventory) 2.0 Model.

For more information, email Sasha Forsen at sforsen@bionebraska.org.

Cost is $189