Diverse and Engaged Stakeholder Committee

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The strength and impact of the Omaha STEM Ecosystem requires a diverse and engaged group of community stakeholders to be successful in building a STEM talent pipeline. This committee engages all sectors of our community through communication, collaboration and connections.


  •  Identify ways to measure stakeholder engagement and close gaps
  •  Conduct stakeholder surveys to increase inclusion and diversity



David Hopp                            Woodhouse Auto Family


Dawn Nizzi                             Metropolitan Community College


Collin Baldwin                       Metropolitan Community College

Jessica Barrett                      Nebraska Scientific

Karlus Cozart                        100 Black Men

Zachary Dinslage                 Gretna Public Schools

Roger Gonzales                    University of Nebraska Medical Center

Kathryn Nizzi                        Elite Real Estate Systems

Tiffany Sessions                   University of Nebraska at Lincoln Extension

Megan Thiemann                1st Natl Technology Solutions