Diverse and Engaged Stakeholder Committee

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The strength and impact of the Omaha STEM Ecosystem requires a diverse and engaged group of community stakeholders to be successful in building a STEM talent pipeline. This committee engages all sectors of our community through communication, collaboration and connections.


  •  Identify ways to measure stakeholder engagement and close gaps
  •  Conduct stakeholder surveys to increase inclusion and diversity



David Hopp                            OpsCompass

Executive Committee Advisers:

Karlus Cozart                         C3K1 Consulting LLC

Laurie Zagurski                      Omaha Public Power District


Jessica Barrett                      Nebraska Scientific

Gina Halbom                          HDR Architects

Vickie K. Kauffold                  Catholic School Office

Sundiata Menelik                   Tuskegee Airmen/MCC

Dawn Nizzi                             Metropolitan Community College

Megan Thiemann                   1st Natl Technology Solutions