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Victoria Novak
Director of Workforce and IT Innovation – Metropolitan Community College


The strength and impact of the Omaha STEM Ecosystem requires a diverse and engaged group of community stakeholders to be successful in building a STEM talent pipeline. At present, STEM programs providers, families/students, business, and community partners are not connected and often time operating in a silo. Currently there was not an overarching structure to bring community partners together.


The Diverse and Engaged Stakeholder Committee is building capacity of collaborations, and impacting consistent engagement to bring community partners together to advance STEM learning as a priority of the Omaha STEM Ecosystem. This includes the six sectors of: Families, Non-Profit, Education, Government, Business, and Science Centers/Museums.



Victoria Novak                        Metropolitan Community College

Steering Committee Advisers:

Karlus Cozart                         Omaha Public Schools

Laurie Zagurski                      Omaha Public Power District


Robin Arens                          Advantage Technology

Jessica Barrett                      Nebraska Scientific

Bronchae Brown                    Zoomiee

Charlie Cuddy                        Omaha Public Schools

Maurice Godfrey                    UNMC

Gina Halbom                           HDR Architects

David Hopp                             Agape Red

Vickie Kauffold                       Catholic School Office

Sundiata Menelik                   Tuskegee Airmen/MCC

Dawn Nizzi                              Westside 66 District

Megan Thiemann                   1st Natl Technology Solutions

Omar Valentine                       AIM Institute