What It’s Like to Go to Space Camp—as an Adult

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Image: Natioanal Geographic

The debut of NASA’s Adult Space Academy means you’re one small step closer to achieving your space-travel dreams.

There’s only one place in the solar system where you can wear a flight suit, experience weightlessness, and work on rockets, all without entering orbit: Space Camp. And, until recently, no grown-ups were allowed.

But this summer, NASA’s Space Camp will open its doors to adults, offering three-day, two-night camps to anyone over the age of 18 with $549 and an unrealized astronaut dream.

The program bears some similarities to the junior version: Campers reside in bunks at the Space Academy Habitats in Huntsville, Alabama, and eat at the crew galley with camp guides and staff. (There are quotes and recorded commentary from former astronauts in the camp’s various exhibits, but no astronauts are on hand in Huntsville.) Activities, however, are geared toward adults. For example, the camp trained the cast of MARS, the National Geographic series that explores a speculative tale of a human settlement on the Red Planet. Those same learning tools—from spacewalk simulators to science experiment kits—await the adult Space Camp voyager.

You can view the full article at: https://www.afar.com/magazine/what-its-like-to-go-to-space-camp-as-an-adult.

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