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A system does not exist that captures all the high-quality STEM programs in the Greater Omaha area and allows easy access for the community members. In addition, there is not a clearly defined assessment tool utilized across the city that defines key aspects of ‘high quality.’ Currently, STEM pathways from pre-school to career, are not clearly defined and are operating in silos.


The High Quality STEM Programs Committee is committed to identifying and promoting quality STEM programs through a standardized self-identifying tool and capturing STEM programs and resources for easy access within the community. A cornerstone of the STEM Ecosystem is to develop an on-line resource and access to programs for all members in the Greater Omaha area community. Future work of this committee is to review those existing STEM pathways, PK-16th grade, that can lead to career opportunities and fill in blanks where programs do not exist.



Jim Dennell                                          BCDM Architects

Executive Committee Advisers:

Michael Flesch                                     Metropolitan Community College

Neal Grandgenett                                University of NE at Omaha


Pam Ashley                                         Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium

Mike Baldino                                       Baldino Enterprises, Inc.

Rosemary Edzie                                  NU Foundation – Buffet Early Childhood

Tracie Reding                                     UNO-STEM Outreach

Pat Thraen                                         Peter Kiewit Foundation