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Jim Dennell
President – BCDM Architects


A system does not exist that captures all the high-quality STEM programs in the Greater Omaha area and allows easy access for the community members. In addition, there is not a clearly defined assessment tool utilized across the city that defines key aspects of ‘high quality’.  Currently, STEM pathways from pre-school to career, are not clearly defined, and are operating in silos.


The Quality STEM Programs/Pathways Committee is committed to identifying and promoting quality STEM programs through a standardized self-identifying tool and capturing STEM programs and resources for easy access within the community.  A cornerstone of the STEM Ecosystem is to develop an on-line resource and access to programs for all members in the Greater Omaha area community. Future work of this committee is to review those existing STEM pathways, PK-16th grade that can lead to career opportunities, and fill in blank where programs do not exits.




Jim Dennell                                          BCDM Architects

Steering Committee Advisers:

Paige Dempsey                                    Contractor

Michael Flesch                                     Metropolitan Community College

Neal Grandgenett                                University of NE at Omaha


Pam Ashley                                         Omaha’s HD Zoo and Aquarium

Mike Baldino                                       Baldino Enterprises, Inc.

Rosemary Edzie                                  NU Foundation

Cassidy Jacobitz                                Omaha’s HD Zoo and Aquarium

Tracie Reding                                      UNO/STEM Outreach

Pat Thraen                                          PK Foundation

Kristin VanWyngaarden                    UNO Grad Student

Sally Wei                                             UNL/Engineering