October 2021 Newsletter: Connect with Our Online STEM Community

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Connect with Our Online STEM Community 


Get Social with the Omaha STEM Ecosystem

Do you want to be a part of the larger STEM conversation in our community? The Omaha STEM Ecosystem’s goal is to connect, communicate and collaborate with our greater STEM community. You can join the conversation by connecting and collaborating with us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn at Omaha STEM Ecosystem. We are striving to reach our goal of 500 followers by the end of the year and would love your support. We are delivering STEM resources, programs and career exploration right to your social media feeds, which promotes our community building a stronger STEM workforce. Follow us to stay up to date with our latest initiatives, and discover STEM programs.


Join our Final Virtual Roundtable Discussion

Join our final virtual roundtable on October 28 at 8:30 a.m. to participate in a community conversation with business and education leaders about building a thriving STEM community as we approach 2022. Tony Veland, AIM Institute, will serve as moderator to discuss experiences and develop a vision to transform emerging ideas. If you have not yet registered for this roundtable event, please do so here. Please share this invitation and registration link, so we can continue to connect, cultivate and advance the STEM community in the Omaha area. Thank you to all who attended the August roundtable and a special thank you to all the sponsors who helped put the event together. If you missed it, click here to view it.

Through the generosity of our sponsors this event will be offered with no fee: use code OSERT2021


Developing the Future Workforce through STEM Internships

Internships play an important role in shaping a student’s educational experience. They can provide several benefits in terms of fueling STEM careers. OSE understands the importance of internships and how they help students gain the skills and confidence they need to pursue STEM roles. OSE wants to help STEM students find vital internships, so we launched our new Internship offerings page on the STEM Community Platform. Users can view a large array of internship opportunities and filter by interests, age and paid versus unpaid.

With the addition of this page, students, families, educators and businesses have a one-stop place for all STEM internships. Post your spring and summer internships now so that students do not miss out on these important experiences!  Click here to check out the new STEM Community Platform Internship page and to post your internship offerings.

Featured Founder

We are grateful to have Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) as a Founder. OPPD lives out its core values of having a passion to serve, honoring communities and caring for each other. Through its community outreach support, OPPD focuses on programs and organizations that move the needle in the in areas of education, basic needs and community and environmental betterment (sustainability). With an educational focus, OPPD supports STEM, trades, mentoring, classroom and career readiness and workforce development. One OPPD program, Legacy 13 Model, is a workforce development program focused on high school students. Learn more about this program and other upcoming programs that OPPD has to offer by visiting the STEM Community Platform.


Kiewit Luminarium Beam

The Omaha STEM Ecosystem is a proud member of the Kiewit Luminarium Advisory Group. Julie Sigmon was one of the many people who had the opportunity to sign the last beam to be placed in the structure of the building. Opening in Spring 2023, the Kiewit Luminarium will provide a unique place where visitors of all ages and communities can explore astonishing scientific phenomena, and use what they learn as the building blocks to their futures.

To learn more go to https://kiewitluminarium.org/



Join our efforts to ensure five more years of STEM excellence and innovation. Your time, talent and treasure will help move our work forward as we transform Omaha into a robust STEM community where our talent pipeline can grow.

From all of us at the Omaha STEM Ecosystem, thank you for your continued support in making STEM Learning and STEM careers a priority in the Omaha area!

Julie Sigmon, Director of the Omaha STEM Ecosystem

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