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Written by Julie Sigmon, Director of Omaha STEM Ecosystem

The Omaha STEM Ecosystem (OSE) is excited to partner with Omaha Public Schools on this opportunity to share STEM resources, events, and other information with students, families, and educators. The cornerstone of our organization is to assure that all students and adult learners have access to STEM related educational programs and resources.

Omaha is a city of transformation and advancement in STEM fields. Since its early days, Omaha has always been a hub for STEM-related careers—whether agriculture, transportation, research or technology. The OSE assures a STEM robust community that not only builds our talent pipeline, but provides opportunities for all young people to be successful in learning scientific thinking, innovation, exploration, and critical thinking for finding solutions.

The Omaha STEM Ecosystem is a network of community organizations including educators, businesses, science centers and museums, Chamber of Commerce, non-profits, and families. Together we are creating the innovators, educators, researchers, and leaders of tomorrow. How are we doing that? The OSE Action Committees are currently breaking down siloes of STEM programs and resources which often make access difficult; developing STEM pathways for PK-Career; and connecting educators to professional development opportunities in the classroom.

A greater portion of STEM learning takes place in the classroom, but it can happen anywhere. From asking age-old questions (Why is the sky blue?) to discovering solutions to everyday problems (smartphone app development), cooking (the breakdown of baking powder to raise batter) or what color to paint my room (coatings science and metamerism), STEM learning is taking place. Opportunities to learn about STEM are all around us, everywhere we look…

Over the next few months, we will be highlighting STEM events, resources, cool career options you never thought about, and activities. Check out our website:

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