February 2022 Newsletter: Leveraging Education and Business to Close the Talent Gap

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February 2022 Newsletter 

Leveraging Education and Business to Close the Talent Gap



Summer’s Coming, Are you Ready?


Summer is quickly approaching which means its time to get ready for summer camps and internships. Summer programs and internships are vital educational tools to engage students in STEM learning. The STEM Community Platform (SCP) is a key opportunity to get your program or internship in front of parents and students!

Research has shown that the key influencer for students is often an engagement experience that sparks innovation. The SCP speaks to that journey. We invite you to participate as well in that journey, by uploading your summer programming and internships to the platform so that every student has equal access to STEM resources. Also check out all of the great programs already available on the platform. For example the Rapid IT Training and Employment Initiative provided by Metropolitan Community College is a great opportunity for recent High School graduates.

It’s easy to upload your information: https://stemplatform.aiminstitute.org/


Featured Founder

We are grateful to have AIM Institute as a Founder of the OSE. AIM’s mission is to grow a strong and diverse tech community through education, career development, and outreach. They understand that a more diverse and inclusive tech workforce will improve the sector for all. That’s why they work to help at-risk students graduate from high school, recruit women and minority students for AIM Code School, and award tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships each year.

AIM and the OSE in partnership created the STEM Community Platform because of our mutual desire to provide everyone access to high quality STEM programs. AIM addresses the unique needs of each tech professional by providing tech programs. One example of their programs is the Foundations of Web Development class. Learn more about this program and other resources by visiting the STEM Community Platform.

Save the Date for April 5th


You are invited to our 2022 in-person event, Omaha STEM Community Connect, on April 5th at 5:30. Join us at the Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium for a Happy Hour that highlights the STEM Community Platform, and how it serves as a critical piece in leveraging business and education expertise to close the talent gap. Learn how you can be a part of this shared opportunity to grow our STEM talent and assure Omaha remains a vibrant STEM Community. Click here to register for this opportunity.

Join our efforts to ensure five more years of STEM excellence and innovation. Your time, talent and treasure will help move our work forward as we transform Omaha into a robust STEM community where our talent pipeline can grow.

From all of us at the Omaha STEM Ecosystem, thank you for your continued support in making STEM Learning and STEM careers a priority in the Omaha area!

Julie Sigmon, Director of the Omaha STEM Ecosystem

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