August 2021 Newsletter: Celebrating Strong Partnerships in our STEM Community

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Celebrating Strong Partnerships in our STEM Community

Back-to-School with Million Girls Moonshot

Omaha STEM Ecosystem is excited to share our new partnership with Million Girls Moonshot, a nonprofit organization working toward a future that calls into play the next generation of engineers, inventors, and innovators. They provide access to over 100,000 afterschool programs across the 50 states. High-quality afterschool STEM experience cultivates interest, builds real STEM skills, and helps students connect STEM to their lives and future careers.
Across the U.S., technology corporations, schools and nonprofits are leveraging their strengths in the name of enhanced equity, gender, racial, and socio-economic diversity in STEM. Million Girls Moonshot (MGM) is “shooting for the moon” to close this gender gap. MGM’s objective is to reach one million girls, especially those of color, with quality STEM learning experiences who will have opportunities to forge relationships and careers with mentors and role models alike. For more information about their back-to-school programs or to join the Million Girls Moonshot, visit

ICAN Institute for Career Advancement Needs

The ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference – held for over 25 years in Omaha, Nebraska – is known to be powerful, insightful and authentic, representative of the leadership trends and transformations in today’s workplace. The organization’s 28th annual ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference will be held on August 11, 2021 as a hybrid event. The Omaha STEM Ecosystem is excited to be a part of this by having both a virtual and in-person booth at the conference. To learn more about the ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference visit

Kiewit Luminarium

Omaha STEM Ecosystem is excited to share the announcement of Omaha’s Kiewit Luminarium CEO, Silva Raker. Opening in spring 2023, the Kiewit Luminarium will provide a unique place where visitors of all ages and communities can explore astonishing scientific phenomena, and use what they learn as the building blocks to their futures. To learn more about this exciting STEM project, visit

Featured Founder

We are grateful to have Metropolitan Community College as a founder. MCC is committed to delivering relevant student-centered education to a diverse community of learners. As the new school year approaches, MCC is offering a program for teenagers entitled YouTube Editing 101 that will start in August. Learn more about this program and other upcoming events, internships and resources that MCC has to offer by visiting the STEM Community Platform. The STEM Community Platform,, showcases STEM resources and career exploration tools in our community.

Join Our Virtual Panel Discussion about Internships

Join us on August 26 at 8:30 a.m. for our next virtual roundtable where we will continue to discuss Building a Thriving STEM Community. Come join the conversation with a panel discussion about what businesses are looking for from students and educational systems in the terms of internships. Thank you to all who attended the May roundtable and a special thank you to all the sponsors who helped put the event together. If you missed the May roundtable click here to view it and visit to sign up for our upcoming virtual roundtables in August and October.

Join our efforts to ensure five more years of STEM excellence and innovation. Your time, talent and treasure will help move our work forward as we transform Omaha into a robust STEM community where our talent pipeline can grow.

From all of us at the Omaha STEM Ecosystem, we hope you are having a fun and safe summer as you prepare to go back to school.

Julie Sigmon, Director of the Omaha STEM Ecosystem

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