2018 Nebraska GenCyber Camp

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June 18-29 (teachers) & June 25-29 (Students)

Explore the Internet of Things, Learn About Cyber Security, and Create Lessons and Clubs all at the NGC! 

This year’s theme involves building and tinkering with IoT devices. Students AND teachers will get to make IoT apps, break them to learn about the security vulnerabilities, and then tweak them to make them safer and more secure.

Students will get to talk to real security professionals, investigate cybersecurity careers, and learn skills that real practioners use. Several demos and hands-on activities will feature wireless drones and IoT apps that collect sensor data and upload it online. There will also be a large capture the flag competition for students and teachers on the last day of camp.

Teacher participants will not only experience the fun, hands-on, IoT and cybersecurity activities that students will do, but will also get a chance to make IoT and cybersecurity curricula of their own. We will have professional expert teachers on hand to help you translate what you learn at camp into your own classrooms.

To register and find out more information: https://www.nebraskagencyber.com/
or contact Dr. Matt Hale: mlhale@unomaha.edu 



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